Montecristo Magazine

Montecristo Magazine is Vancouver’s internationally inspired lifestyle quarterly; an eclectic mix of art, design, fashion, culture, food and wine, travel, and business. With a print run of 30,000, it reaches over 100,000 readers each quarter.

I was part of the original editorial team that launched the publication in 2008, where I played an integral role in developing the magazine’s concept. In 2010, I had the opportunity to take helm of the editorial department and begin driving the magazine’s vision. In this role, I further developed Montecristo’s network to secure high-caliber stories, integrated a stronger and more unified aesthetic sensibility into the magazine, and heightened the overall level of excellence that the publication became known and appreciated for.


Almanac is the annual publication I conceived and created for Farmboy Fine Arts (FBFA), the international art consulting firm where I was Design Director.

At 90 pages, Almanac is an inside look at FBFA’s diverse projects around the world, offering readers insight into what it takes to deliver innovative, intelligent art collections to hospitality, corporate and healthcare environments. Including anecdotes and behind-the-scenes interviews with FBFA staff and artists, Almanac explores the intersections of art, design and hospitality, all within a contemporary context.

The Commodified

The Commodified was a personal street style photography blog that I ran from 2006 to 2008. It documented the people of Vancouver, examining their use of personal style as a means to express a sense of individual identity.

During its lifespan, the Commodified was consistently recognized as an innovative and emerging online platform, receiving hundreds of unique visitors each day. As the first fashion blog of its kind in Canada, the Commodified was lauded by The Canadian Press as “the grand-daddy of Canadian street style” and was profiled in numerous other traditional media outlets, including The Globe and Mail, CBC, CTV and MuchMusic.
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