Branding & Communications

David Suzuki Foundation Brand Book

In 2017, the David Suzuki Foundation had developed a new visual identity that refreshed its website, email templates and stationery with a new logo, typefaces and colours, but with minimally established brand guidelines.

By 2021, the look and feel had matured significantly and it was time to capture that organic evolution in a brand book. With a new strategic direction reflecting the sense of urgency around the 2020s being a critical decade for transformative action on the climate and biodiversity crises, there was also a renewed opportunity to create a unified and cohesive image of the Foundation, to represent our philosophy and values to the public, to provide a glimpse of what the experience of participating in our movement is like, to share our vision of the future and to continue inpsiring bold, abmitious action everywhere throughout Canada.

Farmboy Fine Arts Brand Book

In 2016, Farmboy Fine Arts decided to expand its business development strategy beyond the hospitality industry by entering two new markets: the growing senior living residence industry, and by creating a fine art leasing program for hospitality and corporate clients funded by art investors.  

As a branding consultant working outside the company, my role was to evaluate how these new extensions could fit under the Farmboy Fine Arts umbrella, by re-examining all of the company’s existing branding from a creative and communications perspective. The result was a 100-page document that redefined the company’s vision, mission, values, attributes, key messages, brand standards, guidelines and best practices, as they applied to each of the company’s three channels.

Farmboy Fine Arts Marketing Collateral

As the Design Director at Farmboy Fine Arts, I was responsible for coming up with innovative ways to market the company and acted as the creative director on all communication and design initiatives related to the Farmboy Fine Arts brand. This included campaigns, newsletters, social media content, presentations, publications, trade show booth displays, events, image trend cards and various other collateral.

OAK + Fort MAN Customer Personas

Although Oak + Fort had been producing menswear for several years, the company had never truly identified their male customer. So, when I came onboard as the Men’s Cultural Developer, this was the first initiative I took on to help streamline the business.

Through in-store research and discussion with various staff members involved in the men’s division, I developed four personas for the company, including demographic profiles that identified the hypothetical age, profession, competitor affinity brands and fashion adoption patterns of each group.

Oak + Fort Menswear Launch Event

As the Men’s Cultural Developer for Oak + Fort, I planned and hosted a party to premiere the video lookbook that launched the spring 2017 menswear collection. Over 300 of Vancouver’s most influential young professionals gathered for a fashionable evening of music, cocktails and shopping—we converted the company’s head office showroom into an exclusive men’s-only boutique for the one night only.

Dunlevy Snackbar Media Campaign and Launch Event

In 2013, the proprietor of Dunlevy Snackbar, a hip eatery in Vancouver’s Chinatown neighbourhood, contacted me to help him with a media campaign for the announcement of his new chef and the launch of their new menu.

I wrote and circulated a press release to the media, and hosted a social gathering for young food and beverage influencers in the city. The event included a tasting of the entire menu—and plenty of cocktails—while music was spun by one of the restaurant’s resident DJs.

The campaign and event caused a flurry of activity on social media and the restaurant was subsequently featured in The Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Sun, Vitamin Daily, Scout and Montecristo, as well as several other print and digital media outlets.


How should the City of Vancouver move forward on issues of homelessness and housing? This was the question being raised by the Gordon Neighbourhood House, the Metro Vancouver Alliance, and the West End Senior’s Network in anticipation of the 2017 Municipal By-Election. I volunteered with these three organizations to assist with the planning and promotion of the event, where candidates seeking to become Vancouver’s next city councillor responded to questions from community stakeholders, and the public, on these two critical issues in the West End neighbourhood.
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